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Hymns of the Pearl Volume 3

Sophia Meditations

Hymns of the Pearl Vol 3 cover.jpg

    Front cover art:  Anima Mundi by Mar Sarah Stead.  The Earthly Mother holds the world in her nurturing hands and imagines all life forms coming together and living together in abiding Love.  A dove, a symbol of Sophia, suggests the presence of the Divine Ones looking over the unfolding creation, with great pleasure.

    The Sophia Meditations emanate out of the living Gnostic mysteries we share as a community. The music and lyrics celebrate Sophia, the personification of Life, Love, Wisdom, and Joy. May your listening experience open your heart to Sophia's wonders. 

To download Hymns of the Pearl Vol. 3 on click here



I watched the sunrise dance upon the mountain.

He let me look him straight inside his Eye.  

I followed his surrounding dance of passion.

I knew the Sun won’t lie.


He spun a ray and colored sleeping hillside.

The feeling was so slow, I thought I’d die.

Is this the way that Life proceeds inside us?

Yes, the Sun won’t lie!


All the answers to questions we raise became the sunrise!


All the desert creatures greet the sunrise.

It seems I never noticed this before.

Listening intently to the life here 

Whose the living for?


Eagerly, the first bird cross the new sky.

All alone, I thanked God for his wings.

Then I thought I’ve waited for this sunrise

To hear the Song God sings. 


All the answers to questions we raise became the sunrise!


(Words and Music by Zedek)

For all the lyrics from Hymns of the Pearl, Volume 3, Please click here.

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