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Hymns of the Pearl Volume 6

Tree of Lives

Hymns Vol 6 cover.jpg

Front cover art: Tree of Life 2 or We Make Our Own Tree, from the Yoga Series by Mar Sarah Stead. Sarah's yoga imagery serves as a symbolic medium that draws us into deeper metaphysical realities, truths about our nature that emerge from the unconscious. This icon is inspired by the Gnostic text: "each person is like the trunk of a tree, with its roots deep in the breast of its Earthly Mother, and its soul ascending to the bright stars of its Heavenly Father. This is the sacred Tree of Life which stands in the Sea of Eternity." Sarah's unique revelation is that the Tree of Life can only be achieved through uniting the opposites that divide us, portrayed here as male and female, into a balanced wholeness.


The music of this volume celebrates the radical transformation of consciousness that living the path of the Gnostic priesthood produces. May your listening experience connect you to the Life of the Divine Ones.

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Mysterious Bird


There is a place where Silence reigns,

A place beyond our time, where, if you look,

You’ll find a Sea, unlike the sea you know.

Unlike the sea you know.


And near this vast and unknown Sea

There grows a Tree so True, where angels come

To tend the souls who journey to a new world

Who journey now with you.


Now in this Tree there sings a Bird,

A most Mysterious Bird, 

And if you hear Her Song of Love,

You’ll find out who you are,

You’ll live among the stars.


Do you remember when we played in the sunlight?

Laughing, with bodies 

Drenched in the sunlight?


We sang to the sunrise,

The Angel of Sunrise.

Do you remember?


So, listen to Mysterious Bird.

Let Her Voice speak to you.

For if you hear Her Song of Love…


In Memoriam

Beth Bromwell (1916-2006)


(Words and Music by Zedek)

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