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Hymns of the Pearl Volume 5

Different Worlds

Hymns of the Pearl Vol 5 v2.jpg

    Cover art: The Death of Sarah by Mar Sarah Stead. Sarah painted this icon in honor of the Gnostic master, Sarah, the wife of Master Abraham. The Gnostic scripture says that when Sarah heard that her son, Isaak, was alive, "her heart was filled with such joy that she could not contain it. Her spirit was lifted up to see the Paradise of the Eloheim. "I have seen my Redeemer; it is enough!" she exclaimed, and her spirit left her body. This is how Sarah died; she had seen her Redeemer, receiving from him the promise of Divine Life."

    The music of volume five reflects on the mysteries of death and the different worlds that exist beyond our five senses.  May your experience listening to this music deepen your understanding of the transition through death and the process of transformation that it symbolizes.

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Radiant Family

(based on a verse from the First Communion with the Heavenly Father)


In the beautiful night sky, radiant stars give Light to countless worlds.

And in my soul these worlds and stars 

Unveil Divine Love’s Family within and without.


Angels of the Suns, I give my self to you,

Your Fire of Life, unending Light

In the dark of night.  

Your mystery filling me, living in me!


Ever faithful Eloheim,

Radiant in my soul and Cosmos,

One Family.


Light and darkness

Your love opens me!  

Your kiss is Peace!

Your Love is deep!

An Eternal Sea!

Your mystery filling me.

Living in me!  


Wondrous Suns and wondrous nights!

Radiant Family of Lovers, Eloheim.  


(Words and Music by Zedek)

For all the lyrics from Hymns of the Pearl, Volume 5, Please click here.

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