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About the Composer

Zedek's Story


    Since I was 11 years old, I’ve played the guitar. 

I began writing songs in high school to cope with

growing up in an unhealthy family.  In my early

twenties, I had a dream that presented a strange

word in the sky, a word about which, I had no

conscious knowledge or understanding.  It was

a startling dream, a “big” dream as Jungians like

to say.  


    The research I did taught me that the word,

Parousia, means “the presence…the mani-

festation” and the early Christians used the word

refer to the second coming of Christ.  So I named

my band Parousia and together we wrote and released two albums, the first in 1975 (Sedona) and the second in 1978 (The Word in the Sky). 

    Now I realize the dream was prophetic because the parousia also points to the realization of psychological and spiritual wholeness, the theme of this musical collection.  


    Music is a way for us all to connect to the deepest and best parts of ourselves.  The songs I have written are meant to stimulate our search for gnosis.


    Since the dream of Parousia, I went to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy, a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, and a Ph.D. in Depth Psychology.  I was initiated into the Gnostic path, being immersed in January 2004, and being ordained a Patriarch in October, 2018.  In 2007, we published my book, The Knowledge that Leads to Wholeness.  Like the music I’ve written, the book calls out to people to answer the call of the Aeons. 


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