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Sun Stone by Mar Sarah Stead

Ever Ancient - Ever New
Gnostic Hymns For the 21st Century

This website is dedicated to the life and music of Dr. Robert Lloyd (aka Zedek).

In addition to his career as a psychologist, Zedek was a prolific composer of spiritual music.This site contains recordings and lyrics to over a hundred hymns dedicated to Gnostic Christianity and the Church of the Pearl.  This collection of contemporary hymns greatly amplifies and expands Gnostic concepts and stories.

Here you will find complete recordings, lyrics and links to downloads and streaming services. For more information on the life and work of Zedek, click here.


Sun Cross by John 4 Bryant


Being of Light by Mar Eliza Butler


Descent of Sophia by Mar Sarah Stead


Cross Inside by Mar Sarah Stead

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Sophia and the Demiurge by Mar Samuel

Shadows by Mar Samuel

© 2020 by Robert C. Lloyd

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